Definitive Guide on How to Make $20 per Day with PTC Sites

Definitive Guide on How to Make $20 per Day with PTC Sites

Let’s not waste your time and keep this short and simple. Before we get into the PTC strategy, here are some FAQ first.

A site that pays you to click and view ads. Simple.

Basically, advertisers pay the website to display their ads. Members/users of the website then view the advertisements for a specific amount of time. You don’t need to pay them anything to start earning.

Yes, but it will take some time.


To those who are already familiar with the term and concept, you might be thinking, “Ugh, not again.” Hold on, we’re talking about “rented referrals”. Keep reading.

or, to those who are NOT familiar with the concept, you might be thinking…

A referral is someone who works for you. 

Simply put, if a referral CLICKS an advertisement or completes a task, you EARN too.

There are two types of referrals on PTC sites: direct and rented referrals.

Direct referrals: Users who registered using your link or your username as their referrer. (You invited them)

Rented referrals: You rented them. (The PTC site lets you rent the users who signed up without a referrer)

The most common problem with referrals is: If you don’t have someone to invite, how can you get referrals, right?

That’s why we’re going to take advantage of rented referrals.

Let’s take Neobux as an example. Their rates are shown below:

PTC Strategy - Referral Commissions

Rented referrals are NOT GUARANTEED  to click their advertisements per day. Remember that this are users like you and me and they may forget to click. This may cause you to achieve the goal for a longer period of time.

If we start with $0 : (this will take time and perseverance)

  1. Ads are limited to at least 10 per day. If we click for 10 ad/day for 60 days, we get $0.6. (10 ads x $.001 x 60 days = $0.6)
    You can now buy the cheapest referral pack (contains 3 rented referrals).
    You now have 3 RR.
  2. In one day:
    3 RR  x $.005 x 4 orange ads (you only get commissions from orange ads)  = $.06
    + your clicks ( $.001 x 4 orange and 6 pink ads = $.01)
  3. Click for 15 days and you have $1.05  ($.07 x 15 = $1.05). 
    Buy a $1 RR pack (contains 5 RR)
    You now have 8 RR.
  4. In one day:
    8 RR $.005 orange ads + your clicks = $.17
  5. Click for 12 days and you have $2.04.
    Buy a $2 RR pack (contains 10 RR)
    You now have 18 RR.
  6. In one day:
    18 RR $.005 ads + your clicks = $.37
  7. Click for 9 days and you have $3.33
    Buy a $3 RR pack (contains 15 RR)

    You now have 33 RR.

See the pattern? RINSE and REPEAT until you get to 300 RR.

8.  At 300 RR, you’ll be earning $6 per day. At this point you’ve reached the RR limit for a standard member. This means you need to start earning for a Golden membership to increase you RR limit to 2000.

9. At 500 RR:
500 RR $.01 (for Golden Member) ads $20 per day.

That concludes our PTC strategy. The best part is you can scale it to $50 or $100 per day!

Sounds easy? Of course not. But it's possible . The only thing left to do is to just do it!

Click here to get started with the best PTC sites. 👌

Got any questions? Feel free to comment.

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