The Best PTC Sites of 2018

The Best PTC Sites of 2018

I don’t want to waste your time so let’s keep it short and simple. Before we get into the best PTC sites of 2018, let’s get some FAQ out of the way.

A site that pays you to click and view ads. Simple.

Basically, advertisers pay the website to display their ads. Members/users of the website then view the advertisements for a specific amount of time. You don’t need to pay them anything to start earning.

Disclosure:  The amount of money each user earns depends on the type and quantity of advertisements you view, surveys you take, tasks and offers completed, and other features the PTC site has that you complete. There are no limits regarding how much you can earn. Depending on your activity and referral strategy, you could be making $20 to $50 per day.

What all PTC Sites have in common:

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All right, let’s get on to it. Here is the list of the best PTC sites that I personally use and recommend. I’ll keep the descriptions short and instead focus on WHAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT from the other PTC sites.

Neobux: Most Trusted and the Best PTC Site

Neobux has been around since 2008 and is the most popular and most trusted PTC site. I did some research and it boasts around at least 30 million members from all across the world.

Features 👍

✅ Available worldwide

✅ MOST ACTIVE forum that contains “success stories” and “payment proof” from all the other members.

✅ Forum has a “non-english” section for communities from the same country

✅ Free lottery( known as AdPrize , forum also has a section for proof of prizes won )

✅ Surveys and Offers (Higher amount is paid on Neobux)

✅ Winning Feature: Instant Payment ($2 minimum payout)

Consider 🤔

❌ Ads can’t be viewed on mobile

❌ No Paypal cashout option

Get Started 💰:

To join Neobux , click here

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Best PTC Site - Ojooo WAD

Ojooo is one of the best PTC sites out there in terms of earning potential despite it being relatively unknown. 


✅ Ads can be viewed on mobile phones

✅ Multi-tiered Referral System

✅Have their own App

✅Calculate your projected earnings

✅ Paypal cashout option

✅Winning Feature: Privilege users get free direct referrals

Consider 🤔

Pay out can take up to 1 day

Get Started 💰:

To join Ojooo, click here.

BTC Clicks is the oldest PTC site that pays you in Bitcoins. It was founded on 2013 and continues to be the most trusted bitcoin PTC site.


✅ Pays you with Bitcoins

Consider 🤔

Your viewed ads won’t validate when you switch tabs. This means you have to wait for the ad timer.
This maybe annoying when you have to watch a 60 second ad.
Hope you don’t mind.

Get Started 💰:

To join BTC Clicks, click here.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to comment!

I’ll continue updating this list so go ahead and bookmark it.  😊

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